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Goddard Perry Employee Benefits

Goddard Perry Employee Benefits

At Goddard Perry we realise that just putting in place a multitude of benefits is not enough. Employees need to be engaged and there needs to be a clear strategy of implementation and growth. We have the experience to ensure that you create a unique benefits package that appeals to all and provides a good employee experience linked to efficient administration. The addition of a targeted communication programme will help to engage employees with any new strategy as well as increasing knowledge of the current package.

We are great believers in the benefits that Flex can deliver whilst keeping a keen eye on cost control and a good "return on investment" for our clients. Our Head of Flex, Richard Doig has spent over 20 years in the employee benefit arena with the past 9 years advising companies on such areas as the Feasibility, Design, Communication and Implementation of benefit strategies from Discounts, Total Reward, Salary Sacrifice, Flex to end to end processing.

Now more than ever companies are looking at ways of helping their employees with everyday living costs and any benefits that can assist with this are welcome. We look to put in place relevant benefits which save employees money on petrol, food, clothes and drink as well as offering insurance and products at a discount or improved terms.

Contact Richard Doig Managing Director on 020 8603 3700 or email for more details.

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